Friday, February 03, 2006


Wow! Mike and I are going to have a baby! We are so excited. It came as a complete surprise, but now that the initial shock has warn off (of me) it's the best surprise we could have ever recieved. I found out on Friday, january 27 that I was pregnant and perhaps 7 weeks along. Then I had an ultrasound that following Tuesday, january 31 (to my request since my original appointment wasn't going to be until the end of February). In the first few minutes we found out that I was not 7 weeks pregnant, but 16 weeks, or 4 months. WHAT!? I about fell off the table. How could I possibly be pregnant when I had (I thought) no sickness and no real symptoms that made me believe I would be pregnant. I had slept through my first trimester and had not even known it. People keep telling me I'm lucky I didn't get sick and all that, but I feel the complete opposite. I wish I had known since the very beginning so I could have done everything in my power to make sure I was doing everything right for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I guess this was in God's plan and the only thing we can do now is hope for the best and have fun with the upcoming months. Oh, and it is a boy!!