Friday, October 09, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since I've sat in this chair to blog, but life has been nothing short of chaotic lately. While we are about 3 weeks (or is it 4 now?) into our adventurous kitchen remodel, it's felt more like a move around here. While I am enjoying the finer things of life now with an oven that has a handle and sink with a garbage disposal that works (or will once Mike hooks it up) it's hard it even remember the kitchen that I dreaded seeing everyday for the past 5 years. With new cabinets, new floors, new paint...I can't say I miss the mold and mildew that used to lurk under my sink before, and the musty smell of the nicotine soaked cabinets. Before Mike started to tear apart every ounce that was the before kitchen, Tanner and I packed our bags and skipped town to Chicago, so as not to be in the way of course. I would have loved to stay and help we all know that. With Bob and Jim helping Mike every step of the way, Tanner and I got to spend some much needed time with his cousin, Caiden. Without knowing when we would be able to return home, we waited for the okay from Mike to come on home...but must sleep at my mom's. Hmmm, I wasn't sure after those couple of weeks of playing musical beds, that Tanner would even feel comfortable in his own environment again. Living out of our suitcase, even once we were home, and occassionally a plastic grocery bag for our overnighters at mom's, it was quite weird to feel as though I was doing the walk of shame every morning when leaving my own mother's house. Both of us in pajamas, looking homeless, then returning the next evening with another plastic bag that hopefully didn't have a hole in it, holding some clean undergarmets and a diaper or two for the little guy, maybe a tooth brush if I remembered. Anyways, we've now been "living" at home now for awhile, and I must say I think that Tanner is getting used to the fact and actually quite likes eating his meal on the stairs..on the floor. I've since lost an array of kitchen utensils that I remember packing, but Mike doesn't remember putting away. For now I will measure out my cups and teaspoons like they did in the old days, eyeballing it. As for all the work the boys' put in trying to give us a functional kitchen, they've done a fabulous job pretty much all on their own. They ripped out the cabinets, sink, countertops, stove, oven, subfloor. They hung the new cabinets, put in the countertop, a new sub floor, and repainted the walls and after Bob and Jim left, Mike laid the tile for the floor and hooked up the sink, which only took him 3 day, which I am amazed by considering his lack of plumber abilities. Yes, they have worked so hard on this kitchen, and I love spending time in it. I'm sure Mike will feel the same way once he takes out the grout in between the tiles and redoes it (whoops, you can't have all your cake and eat it too). I am lucky to have a very handy guy for a husband. He's never done any of this kind of construction work before we moved into this house, and has taught himself along the way to do it all. Kudos for my husband and his harworking dad and bro to fix the unfixable. We are going to be able to enjoy our new kitchen for many months to come.