Monday, February 08, 2010

So, with our second little monster on the way and due to arrive in May/June, we can't wait to experience life with two kids, and a little girl to be thrown in the mix. Today is our 150th day of winter (or so it seems) and thanks to the groundhog, looks like we will be stuck in this season for at least more weeks. Between cleaning and fixing up and trying to get the house ready to sell, we do have things to keep us busy inside, however it's just not quite as exciting as relishing in the warm spring sun in a pair of flip flops and a glass of lemonade. Tanner is so excited for his baby geel (girl) to come. I didn't really know how to explain to him when she would come so I told him when the snow melts, it gets warm outside, and the the grass turns green, then she will come. Thanks for all the snow we have acquired over the past months I think I'm good since it's not going to melt till May probably. He's keeping busy with preschool two days a week and ice skating as well. Maybe I should tell him when he's out of school for the summer she will come, hmmm. Life is always exciting here, even when there's nothing to do, Tanner will usually find something to do. Whether it's sticking an antenna in the light socket or hiding things around the house under his bed, every day is a new adventure, and usually I'm just thankful we get through the day most days without getting hurt. We have a few more months before the baby comes and it's no longer just us three any more, but we will be a family of four, and HA, I won't be out numbered anymore! Not that I ever minded anyway, but adding some pink and purple into our lives won't be bad either.