Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We've got Poop!

Let's see...lots of odd things happening at the Jones household these past couple of days.  I played lots of golf this weekend, trying to get my scores down.  By lots of golf I mean, lots of really crappy crappy golf (excuse my language).  I have such high expectations for myself and as awesome as this weather has been, luckily I've been able to get out more than a few times so it's hard for me to be patient with myself.  Plus, I know it's early in the season, but when I leave my kids and a very understanding husband for 3 days in a row to go to the golf course I expect results.  It's work for me and that's how I look at it, and I always get mother's guilt when I go out to play golf (the leasure sport...NOT!) for the day or for a few hours.  Yesterday while I was just hitting my 11th shot out of a sand bunker for the day (that's a lot of beach), I got a text from Mike saying, "Guess who went poop on the potty??"  Well, and that does it, played crappy golf only to miss my first milestone ever with either of my kids. 

And on that note...Guess who went POOP on the potty??  Our little miss Sami.  So the tally is as follows:  Potty- 4, Poop- 1...and I don't even have to bribe her with candy! 

Today Sam fell twice and got up limping.  She nursed her leg and limped until bed, but finally started to put some weight on it and walked, though not without a slight limp.  Poor baby :(  I really am praying that she wakes up with no limp tomorrow or we will be making a trip to the Dr...

UPDATE on the leg...Since I haven't posted this yet and it's the next day, I will say, Sam was catering her ankle/foot again first thing this morning, but is walking and running (with a slight limp) now so I'm assuming we just have a strain...thank goodness it's not broken!

Friday, March 23, 2012

1,000,001 Ways to Blow a Nose

Sam is obsessed with kleenex.  She's also obsessed with blowing her nose (in something or not).  I might run out of kleenex quicker that normal, but I'm not complaining that she could blow her nose at 8 months.  It comes in handy when she has a cold.  She'll see the kleenex box and say, "Heee? Heee?"  For those of you that don't speak gibberish that's Sami talk for "Kleenex please?"  I know, it's impressive that I've memorized nearly a dictionary's worth of her gibber-gabber, but I had practice with Tanner when he was little.  Though Sam doesn't say as much as her brother did, I can understand her a little more than T.  That boy would talk, talk talk all day and you wouldn't hear one real word come out of his mouth, but he was always so sure at what he was saying.  I get the same response with strangers as I did with Tanner. "Does she talk?" Yes, but only I can understand her.  That is because she has a lot of clearly spoken words such as "momma", "daddy", "Nannie"(Tanner), "eat", "night-night", etc.  But she says her manners with her mouth closed and in syllables.  I can here her when she says, "Gmm, gmm," or "thank you", but unless you know her you might think she doesn't say much.  I got distracted again, rambling about something else...here are some pics of Sam entertaining us with a piece of kleenex.

                                                                    That's a good one!

Did I get it?

Maybe, I'll just stick my hand in it...

Let's try again...

That's a really good one...

Getting a little dramatic...

Same kleenex in case you were wondering...

Now just being silly...

Ok, maybe that's enough


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Golf season is here!

OK, so not to jinx the amazing weather we've been having, but it's been hard to think that it is still technically winter! We've had 75-80 degree weather for almost a week and a half and for the middle of March in Nebraska that is abnormally warm. I'm not complaining though. It means that spring is upon us and golf season is on the horizon. I've been out the the golf course around 10 times already and most years that doesn't even happen halfway through the summer (since kids). I made the commitment to play more golf this year and I've made some pretty hefty goals for myself. I'm used to biting off more than I can chew, so I'm used to feeling completely overwhelmed, but it's also where I feel the most comfortable. If I can accomplish half of what I want to this year, than I'll be a pretty happy camper. Of course I can't just up and go to the course whenever I want because I have two rugrats at home that I take care of all day and night, but like anything else in life, if there's something you want, I'm a full believer that you have to make time for it in your life, make it a priority. I told my husband that I'm going to break par soon, meaning really really soon. He does his best not to make too much of a reaction whenever I just blurt something totally ridiculous out of my mouth every time I'm thinking it. I think he knows I can do it, and is probably as surprised as I am that I haven't yet, considering how long I've been playing, but that's the goal, break par (soon), play in more tournaments. So, while the kids lay down for naptime this weekend, I am heading out to the golf course to get some practice time in. I love that I can go practice for a few hours or play a round and be home by the time they get up and I hardly even miss a beat with them. Also, on my list of golf "to-do's" is getting a new set of golf clubs. I think I've finally talked Mike into getting me a new set! Yay, me!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tanner's "not so" new furniture

So in my previous post about Tanner's room remodel and how I'm finally getting around to doing it, I forgot to mention that one of the reasons it has taken me so long is because I couldn't make a decision on what I wanted to do with his room. Do we want to splurge on new furniture or keep the old for now? What colors do we want to do, etc, etc. So, after painting the final three walls to complete the entire 4 walls, I made a decision to try and paint a current very old and ugly dresser that we got from an aunt four years ago (Sorry Aunt Bev). I always thought we would get rid of them as soon as we moved or got new stuff for the little man, but I've had a current change of heart. After researching numerous tutorials online on painting furniture I once again ran to Home Depot to gather my supplies. Since Mike was out of town last week I thought it would be the perfect project for me to make the time go quickly until he came home. And a project it was. Luckily we had some very unseasonble hot temps so after I put the kids down for naps each day I would head out to the garage, music on and doors up. Finally, after 4 nap periods, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint (4 total coats), we finally had a "not so" new, but much prettier dresser sure to please the little guy. However, although it took me lots of coats, it was super easy and a "no brains" project.

Here's the rundown...

Here's what the dresser matched before I painted it. This is the complimentary dresser (oh yea, there's 2:)...hideous right?

Here it is all painted and purdy:)

I did roll the paint on the large piece, and brushed each drawer. If you are going to roll on furniture I read a tutorial where they suggested using a small foam roller, which is what I did. Roll it slowly to prevent bubbles. The effect won't be as smooth as brushing, I can clearly see the difference between the dresser and drawers,(only up close though) but you won't have brush marks, so it's a personal preference.

I used this primer stuff that the paint lady told me would stick to anything and I wouldn't have to sand. Done.

Then, I used the same paint color that I used on his striped wall and had her mix it in this little can of interior semi-gloss paint to make the dresser look a little shiny. The paint color is Behr Paint's "Luster white". I am also painting a little nightstand with the same color and still have almost a half can of each left, so it goes a long way.

Lesson learned: Thin coats are better than thick gloppy ones, and once I brushed paint on, if I went over it more than a couple times or after a min it would clump. That pretty much irritated the heck out of me.

Hopefully, I inspired some of ya'll to paint a dresser for your home. It's super easy and is an inexpensive way to dress up some old furniture without buying new.

Total spent: (lost my receipt so I'm estimating)

Dresser- FREE
Foam roller- $5ish
small can of primer- $6is
small can of paint- $6ish
= $17

I had a gift card to Home Depot so this was a free project for me!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Mom, can we paint MY room yet??

Poor kid...not only was my sweet boy kicked out of his room in the old house and thrown into the attic when baby sister arrived, but after 10 months of living in our new house, I am just getting around to finally giving our energetic, larger than life boy the room he deserves. He has been so patient and since Sam never got an official baby room in the old house I felt I had to do hers first before any other project in the house. I feel terrible that my son has been living in a world of tan/beige walls and old dark ugly furniture for almost a year now. But the time has come and it's finally happening. After days of pondering over 5 different shades of light blue samples on his walls something deep inside of me was screaming to get out. I couldn't tell my husband what it was or even dare say it out loud, because I was sure it was just wasn't supposed to be. After laying awake practically all night, I woke up the next day and without hub's knowing I decided it had to be so. So I dropped off little man at preschool and the littlest runt and I headed to Home Depot where I was on a mission. If you know me, you know that once I'm dead set on something it has to and will happen. I will make sure of it (usually). I was a little uneasy about the drasticisty (is that a word? Becca?...) of the situation, but I was determined and if I told my very understanding husband what I was up to, he was sure to try and change my mind or worse, not be as overly as excited as I was. I was almost giddy inside when I put the kids down for nap and got to work on painting Tanner's walls. Wait, for it, wait for it....

This is the before walls with the paint samples I did not use

And, TA-DA!! Gigantic Navy and White Stripes

If you're still wondering what it was that the voices in my head were saying over and over the night before, it was, "naaavy...naaavy.." Not only can I believe how brave I am, but I am also very impressed with how straight my lines came out...as my dad always said, measure twice, stripe once (he, he). Only kidding he never said that because he would never expect me to measure anything in my lifetime probably. I did actually measure a few times before drawing out my stripes just for safe keeping. They look amazing! Tanner's face was priceless when he saw them for the first time and that was enough satisfaction for me. I have since painted the rest of the walls and am in the process painting furniture, and adding decor so I will get back with an update soon!!