Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Landry 8 Month Photos...UP, UP and AWAY

I've been pondering this idea around for a while now of somehow constructing a hot air balloon for Landry's 8 month pics.  Basically, I'm obsessed with hot air balloons (and babies) so I couldn't think of something more fun.  Since Landry just started sitting it's the perfect time! We drove out to Mike's hunting spot right before sunset on a Sunday in mid October, but the wind had picked up a little in the afternoon, and after getting every one dressed and ready and out to the country, we quickly realized that our poor little balloon was not going to fair very well, and was probably going to blow away.  So home we went (defeated, and sad).  Thankfully I have a very understanding and accommodating husband because by Monday, the very next day, our hot air balloon was losing it's spunk and it had to be the day.  I had a very tiny window..the balloon was deflating (and that puppy cost $15 to inflate!), and seeing as it was mid October, it's unlikely I'm going to get another day like this. Since daylight is limited (and we were losing it quickly), Mike left work 10 min early (gasp!) so we could do a TAKE 2!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect or still, and while the balloon was, eh, I could think of a million things I could change with kids were perfection.  We even chased a coyote away from our spot.   Couldn't have done it without my mom and Mike, trying to make a baby smile and rounding up kids.  We got some "forever" shots, and it made for a memorable hour right before sunset! And to make the evening even more perfect, as we were loading up the cars we saw 2 REAL hot air balloons in the sky! Every day since the kids have asked me when we are going to go back to "the field" to take pictures! So glad they had fun, because that's all that matters in the end! Still going through the 500 pics I took, but here are my favorites!    

Happy 8 Months little man!!!


   Love his little baby toes peeking out of the basket!!

 Being Showered with kisses!

Going somewhere buddy?