Sunday, March 30, 2014

Disney World 2014- Day 1 Epcot

Just got back from our Disney trip and it was nothing short of THE BEST TRIP EVER!  We’ve been planning this trip for a really long time, and it seemed like it would never get here, but once it came it was such a whirlwind.  We packed so much into that 1 week that we were there and the kids were absolute troopers.  Not even sure how to recap everything about the trip without writing a book (maybe that will be my next project), but we’ll start with the surprise…

We knew from the beginning that we weren’t going to tell the kids about Disney until the day we were leaving.  Considering this trip almost didn’t happen, it was a good move on our parts.  However, it got so hard, planning and packing for the weeks leading up to the BIG reveal.  I had suitcases in our bedroom for weeks (I started packing early), and luckily the kids never really noticed.  We decided to have a personalized audio message made from Mickey Mouse telling the kids that they were going to Disney.  We set up the 2 cameras up so we were hands free and they wouldn’t think it was weird that one of us was recording them.  Plus, we were able engage with them, and that was the best part.  We surprised Tanner once before when Sam was a baby, and he was in shock, plus he had never been to Disney before so he didn’t really understand.  3 years later, he gets it.  Their sweet reactions were priceless.   So glad we were once again able to capture this great memory on film to have forever.

We split our stay at two different resorts.  When we landed in Orlando at 8:30pm, the magical express bus dropped us off at Port Orleans-French Quarter.   We were all exhausted and hungry, so we had pizza in the room around 11pm and then it was off to bed.

Day 1: EPCOT

This was our first time visiting Epcot, and throughout the trip, it quickly rose to the top of our list for favorite parks.  So glad we did this on our first day.  We didn't have any real plans and were able to just walk around at our own pace and be spontaneous. Although we were a little spoiled since the Flower and Garden Festival was going on.  

We saw Pluto right away and had to get his autograph and some pictures.

 As you can see, Sam’s skiddishness of characters has diminished since our last trip when she was a baby and was absolutely terrified.
 Even Landry surprised me with his playfulness with them all. (Hey, Lan, I think Pluto wants his ear back :))

Chip and Dale
Tanner wanted to meet them, Sam did not (obviously).

After meeting Pluto and Chip and Dale, we moseyed our way toward Norway in the World Showcase.  Not because we actually thought we would get to meet the "Frozen" sisters.  Oh, no, no, no. Unless we wanted to stand in line for 3+ hrs.  

Taking in all the pretty flowers and topiaries made into different characters.  If there's one reason to visit Disney in the spring, this is it.

Playing in the fountain :))

We hit up Maelstrom which I thought was going to be a little boat ride, and instead turned out to be the boat ride from Hell that went down a hill backwards, had what looked like scary trolls and polar bears that flashed their teeth at you and left our kids screaming till the very end and covering their eyes.  First Ride! I can kiss that dream of getting them on other big kid rides goodbye. We tried to distract them afterwards with lunch and dessert from the Norway's Kringla Bakeri.  It worked.  Just look at those goodies!

I'll take that..and that..and that.

Before dessert we all shared a club sandwich.  It was also delicious!

Walking through Mexico...

Trading our first ever Disney pin!

The rest of our day at Epcot, we rode Nemo and Friends, Soarin’ and talked with Crush the turtle.  Unfortunately, we did not ever make it to Test Track, or any other ride at Epcot the rest of the trip.  The kids loved Soarin’.  They felt like they were really flying and even went on it twice!  Crush the turtle was also a huge hit. 

Just so we're clear, this is the Nemo ride (which came after Maelstrom-dark and scary ride). Naturally this is now an instant reaction for the rest of the rides following suite.

 Tanner got to talk with Crush!

"Hey, Little Dudes!"

Bathroom Break for everybody else.  Landry didn't think he was getting enough camera time out of the stroller.  I agreed...SELFIES!!

I may have lagged a little behind the group, and found a margarita stand in the process...

This little guy swam past Tanner probably 30 times and literally waved at him every time.


Oh Canada...



Aye aye, Hook!

Look! It's Pan!

Messing around in Mexico...

We walked around the World Showcase, and Tanner and I split a Mickey ice cream bar while the younger 2 took naps in the stroller.

 Daddy enjoyed an ice cold beverage

It's time to go...

A little bit of swim time at the pool

1 day down, 6 to go.